Why Was My Site Disapproved?

There are various factors that could get your site application disapproved. However, the following reasons below are the top on our list that will get your site disapproved:

1. Your site contains popup ads

2. Your site is using a free sub-domain service e.g. website.blogspot.com or .tk, .ml, .ga etc domains. If you host your website on a free blogging service like blogger, be sure to use a paid top level domain name for your site e.g. www.example.com.

3. The Site Description you filled in when submitting your site is not descriptive enough. Your site description must be between 50 - 300 characters.

See the screenshot below.

4. Your site design is not responsive or cluttered. We are particular about the user experience of your site visitors as this can impact on both your earnings and also the brand perception of our advertisers. Invest in a good theme and design to increase your chances of getting your application approved.

If your site is affected by any of the basic reasons stated above, make the necessary adjustment and resubmit your site for approval.

Also visit https://www.ngadverts.com/program-guidelines to learn about our Program Guidelines.

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